Light Therapy For Life started about three years ago, at the time we had one goal: bring to market a device that was effective, fast acting, and absolutely did not cost an arm and a leg to get! After two years of research and our own independent trials, we realized a very simple thing, keep it simple.  The most effective photo-therapy device for the at home consumer, that is portable, easy to use and provides real life results, is indeed our 6 L.E.D. photo-therapy devices.


We actually have several new products coming to market, however they are larger, consisting of more L.E.D.s, and of course maintaining our streamline packaging theory.  We chose a long time ago that our package had to be small, it had to be compact for travel use and easy to hold in the hand.  It doesn't make since to offer  pain management solutions like our RED 624 NM and INFRARED 850 NM photo-therapy devices, if people with arthritis couldn’t hold it in their hands.  


On staff we have several designers, electronics experts, sales professionals, and commercial account specialists.  We are here to help you with whatever needs you may have. if we can help, we will.  We have always believed customers come first, so if there is anything you need please let us know.  From simple questions to becoming a distributor, and yes even custom built photo-therapy devices to meet your specific need.  We are here to help


Be sure to check out our  Blogtalk radio interview with Coach Suzanne Rose on her fantastic radio show "Empowering Serenity Healing". Thanks to her for allowing us the time to discuss our business, she is doing really good work over there on blogtalk.


As published on Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible, an amazing book and blog documenting the startups, sacrifices, and successes of small companies.